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About Us

Mexico By Hand is a labor of love. Love for Mexico -- the art, the culture and the people. Though none of my previous careers were in business, each has helped to prepare me in some way for this adventure. I have worked as a social worker, bilingual educator and journalist-- and I’ve always loved to travel-- especially in Latin America. In 2004 my husband and I found ourselves living in Michoacán, Mexico where we were given the opportunity to meet some of Mexico’s finest artisans as we produced a video documentary for Michoacán’s Casa de las Artesanias (folk art center). During that life changing year we developed an unexpected and very special relationship with Michoacán and its crafts. I returned home to California with hundreds of stories and photos to share, and a desire to promote the work of these talented artisans so that their artistic tradition-- which is in danger of disappearing-- can survive.

Mexico By Hand’s crafts and folk art come from the state of Michoacán-- home to over 100,000 artesanos (craftspeople) who create an amazing variety of beautiful objects produced entirely by hand out of clay, wood, fiber and metal. Families work together in their homes, and the elders proudly pass down the art to the next generation. Mexico By Hand has developed strong relationships with many of the state’s best artisans and I buy directly from them. Because the crafts are all handmade, no two are exactly alike. We can fill an order with approximate specifications, such as size and general design, but the end result (as well as the price we pay) is determined by the artisan.This in fact is what is so special about purchasing handmade folk art….the artist’s soul and creativity is revealed.

Our business is based in Berkeley, California and for over a decade we’ve sold to the public online and at juried crafts fairs. We wholesale many of our items to museum stores, galleries, and other quality retail outlets. If you are a reseller, take a look at our Wholesale page and contact us if you would like more information about placing a wholesale order.

Thanks very much for stopping by. I hope you like what you see here and that you’ll enjoy getting to know the talented artisans of Michoacán.

We appreciate your business and support!

--Peggy Stein, owner