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Burnished Small "Calabacitas" Squash

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A customer favorite -- when we can get them! These gorgeous burnished clay squash are made in Zinapécuaro, Michoacán.

Artisans in Zinapecuaro have been working with clay for generations, As in so many villages in Michoacan, clay was one of the most important materials used by inhabitants of the area prior to colonization. The community was very involved in the production of clay dishes prior to the ban on use of lead.  Many gave up their craft because they did not know how to adapt their process to the market’s demands.  These artisans were determined to continue the work of those who came before them, and began to design clay objects inspired by the squash that grew in their gardens. The artisans prepare the clay by sifting, moistening, and kneading the clay.  A ball is formed, which is flattened in the shape of a pancake.  The clay is pressed into a mold, and the two halves are later joined together.  The clay dries outside for a day or two, and then is fired, painted with pigment called “charanda” and burnished until it shines and is smooth to the touch.  The burnished clay squash you see here were a result of much experience, skill, and a great deal of experimentation.  

These calabacitas are approximately 4 inches across, 4 inches high and vary in tones and shape. Please select your preference from the drop-down menu. Or buy the whole set of 3, with or without the beautiful woven chuspata basket.

As these are very fragile, they will require extra care with packing which will be reflected in the shipping charges. 

For Bay Area folks, select Local Pickup to save shipping & handling charges!

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