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Crazy for Mexican Crafts?

Peggy Stein artesania crafts Mexican textiles

After twelve years of selling artesania to American customers, I cannot tell you what kind of person will be a Mexican artesania addict. Maybe you're one! A lot of my merchandise is housewares and decorative items, but we also carry woven rebozos and embroidered blouses, which some women are absolutely crazy for. Not everyone feels comfortable wearing an "ethnic" piece of wearable folk art, but there are some women, and again I can't predict who they will be, who embrace the style enthusiastically. These customers usually come back for more because the blouses make them happy. I believe that's what art is all about-- isn’t it?

It's the art that makes me happy too. I could never sell widgets, whatever they are. Plumbing or office supplies do not turn me on, although I know they're necessary and I appreciate the men and women who do sell them. I buy crafts that I like -- sometimes love -- and therefore it's easy for me to sell them to others. I want to share the beauty, and am excited when I see a piece that I purchased in Michoacán going home with a happy customer in the U.S.  

I really enjoy hearing from my please like our Facebook page, sign up on our mailing list, and send me an email if you have a question. And if you want to give a testimonial (or confess your addiction!) we might put it on our website.  Thanks for appreciating the art!

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