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Shipping News! SUMMER 2019

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Most often when I take the time to sit down to write about my business, it’s a rant or sad description of the latest calamity or indignity I’ve either witnessed or personally suffered. Some of you might know that I’ve been (slowly) writing a “memoir” with the working title “Why Importing Crafts from Mexico is Not for Wimps”. I also think that “Are you F**cking Kidding Me?” could work as a title also. But I just realized that I need to share good news too! In the summer of 2019, while the U.S. was continuing to be destroyed by a tyrannical and criminal president, Mexico By Hand had its most successful shipping experience in years! FedEx and the other evil North American shipping companies did not receive a dime from us, and all of the beautiful artesania we personally selected in July arrived perfectly! Not one clay catrina finger or Ocumicho devil horn was broken-- something that has never happened. It was a result of “thinking outside the box”, packing the box well, and carrying the box a completely different way. To make it happen, I relied on myself (my instincts and 15 years of experience) and a few special friends on both sides of the border for whom I am so very grateful. Yes we can, and we did!

What does that mean to you, our wonderful customers? Well, it means that we won't be quitting this crazy business any time soon. It does NOT mean however, that we will be so foolish as to tempt fate and try to ship our catrinas and devils elsewhere. We're sorry to disappoint the lovely people across the country and globe who desire these beautiful pieces, but they are SO fragile, and the shipping folks in the U.S. are really great at destroying them. That breaks all of our hearts and we won't do it. However, if you're able to come to the Bay Area to pick them up, please contact us-- we'd love to see you!

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