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The Magic of Color

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It’s been raining gatos y perros in California, or as they say in Michoacán— lloviendo a cántaros (raining buckets). We’re very lucky at my house to have views of trees and ferns, so it’s not a totally gray scene as we gaze out our windows in search of blue skies. But now during this wet winter I especially appreciate our colorful walls and Mexican folk art that have created a cheerful space— despite the dreary weather. As someone who is happier when the sun is shining, I understand that many people feel depressed or lethargic when experiencing weeks or months of overcast skies and rain. I actually have a simple solution: You should bring more color into your life! If you can do it—paint your walls! You’d be amazed how much happiness a yellow or turquoise background can create. The right wall color, some natural wood and floors, plus warm lighting—all can help to create a glow that’s almost as good as a beautiful Spring day. 

And then of course there’s Mexican folk art and pottery to brighten up your home…so many possibilities! In addition to these decorating tips, you might want to think about what you’re wearing. Lounging around in sweat pants and not going out? Me too! But in a little while it will be warmer and I think it’s inspiring to have a beautiful piece of clothing you can look forward to wearing. I suggest you check out Mexico By Hand’s embroidered blouses. We have a great selection of gorgeous designs and colors, and they’re guaranteed to make you and everyone who sees you feel much better. You deserve it, don’t you?

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