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Traditional Crafts and Folk Art--direct from the artisans

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There are a lot of tongues wagging, and rightfully so, about the cultural appropriation (ripping off) of traditional textile designs created by indigenous artisans in Mexico. I am angry and concerned, and also alarmed by what's happening in the Mexican crafts world in general, due to globalization. While you as a customer can find more and more online shops professing to carry items "handmade in Mexico”, beware that there is no way to verify such a claim. No one is policing the internet-- whether it's articles on Facebook about a political candidate or a cute Etsy store selling inexpensive "peasant" blouses. Yuck, do I hate that word.

Just know that Mexico By Hand does not acquire our artesania from a middle-person; we buy directly from artisans in Michoacán. We are the ones who find the artisans, visit them in their home workshops, buy the product and arrange the shipping. And OUR blouses are definitely hand embroidered by dozens of women in various indigenous communities-- also in Michoacán. We travel to remote villages, knock on doors, and build relationships with the folks from whom we buy. It's not as easy as the click of a mouse or copying someone's traditional ancestral design, but it's worth the effort. At least that's what we hear from our customers who seem to appreciate our products that are handmade and authentic. We hope you'll take a look!

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