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Adios 2020!

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Doug and I used to joke sometimes that "we're not Santa Claus" when folks have asked us to basically give away our products or labor for free. Examples include a customer expecting free shipping (like we're Amazon) or trying to get us to lower the price on a one-of-a-kind piece of folk art by a master artisan-- because they saw one like it at a market in Mexico for much, much less. Another one that is a bit annoying are folks who don't realize that it is always difficult (and especially this year when we can't travel) to get handmade items from Mexico quickly and inexpensively. However this year, during a global pandemic when so many holiday gifts were delayed because the post office and FedEx are so overwhelmed-- I enjoyed being one of Santa's elves. Well, I didn't totally enjoy it, because I actually worried and stressed a lot about our customers getting their packages in time for Christmas. The amazing thing was that with all of the delays and disasters this year, every one of our orders--even the ones that were long shots, e.g. were being shipped from Mexico or were mailed at the U.S. post office on Dec. 18-- arrived by Christmas Eve! I anxiously checked tracking numbers throughout the week, and then checked in with customers to make sure they in fact received the order (and it hadn't arrived broken) and heard back that all was good! The notes I received made my holiday even better. I read and appreciate each one, and am grateful to those who let me know. 

Here are a few of the comments I received this past crazy month:

“The bowl arrived and it’s absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for checking in and no worries about the shipping delay, such is the time of year”.--Katie

“Peggy, Yes the package arrived about an hour ago! Hallelujah! My daughter will love it”.--Jean 

“Joe received his gift and loves it!  He said they are beautiful. Thank you very much for wonderful customer service, the extra trip to ship it, and getting it there even BEFORE Christmas”.--Martha

“Last month, she actually posted on her Facebook page, “Dear Santa, I want everything on this website. K, thx.”, then she posted a link to your site. I was randomly chosen as her secret santa, so it was perfect”.--LeMar

“Received the package today. Love!”--Mary

“Yes, arrived today and love them, thank you.”--Monte

“Thank you for everything... you were amazing and went above and beyond!!!!”--Elivier

At the end of the day, this business is really about people. The people in Mexico who create the art, and the people here in almost every state of the U.S. who appreciate and purchase it. So thanks to all of you for giving us the opportunity this very difficult year to bring our two countries together in this small way. We are happy to say adios to 2020, and look forward to a much better year to come! Wishing you good health and much happiness.

Gracias y saludos,


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  • Peggy Stein on

    That happens a lot, Diana! So glad you love your items! I often suggest to customers when they shop with us that they should buy “one for me, one for a gift”.

  • Diana on

    I ordered several items to give as Christmas gifts. However, I loved them so much that I ended up keeping them for myself ! Thank you so much.

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