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Traditional Copper Cazos and the Covid Crisis

authentic cazo copper handmade Mexican pot Santa Clara del Cobre traditional

Mexico By Hand has sold a lot of hammered copper cazos this past year. Ever since the pandemic began we've had so many orders I honestly have lost count. Sales of cazos have helped to sustain us through these tough times of cancelled events and retail closures, and our customers as they are sheltering at home seem to appreciate our efforts to supply them. I suspected that the artisans in Santa Clara del Cobre are really hurting now due to lack of tourism and the cancellation of major sales opportunities for artisans like Semana Santa and Dia de los Muertos, and I hoped that our cazo orders might help. We have been buying copper art from Roberto Castro Hernandez for about a dozen years and he is our primary supplier for the cazos. This morning I received the following message from him which brought tears to my eyes. I've translated it for you:

"Thank you for your trust. The truth is that if it weren't for the quantity of orders you've made, my situation would be very bad with this pandemic. But you have given oxygen to my workshop and store. And that is very nice for my family. Thank you so very much."

Even as our shipper (FedEx) continues to raise their rates and the cost of copper (the raw material) also goes up, we hope to continue delivering cazos to folks all across North America. Yes, we are delivering to Canada as well.

So, many thanks to all who have purchased cazos from us! You are helping to sustain talented artisans in Mexico. We and Roberto's family very much appreciate your business.

If you wish to purchase a cazo you can do it here:


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  • Odulia Rice on

    Traditional Cazo
    Peggy/Mr. Hernandez I want it appreciate all the hard work you do on keeping this tradition, I ordered the cazo for my Mother who makes Atole all the time, she was very please with it and brought her good memories of her town in Zacatecas. This Pandemic is affecting all of us by we have to keep trusting our Lord and place all of our faith in him. He will continue to take care of us like he always does. Keep up the good work, I definitely recommend this item.

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